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-Seats (30) • Floor Seats (15) • Standing Room (30)

UNLEASHING YOUR GENIUS - FILM SCREENINGS + MUSIC Vol 1 - “Let’s Get Real” - Thurs at 8pm, Feb 23

Following 9 months of Unleashing Your Genius: Music + Poetry held as Gaslight comes the first Film + Music edition - themed “LET’S GET REAL”

4 Short Films + Filmmakers Stories + 1 Live Music Set
= A night examining our current state of the world - the role of girls and women, human trafficking, the plight of refugees, addiction, and depression through the lens of filmmakers seeking understanding to deliver a greater message of how we can reclaim our humanity and responsibility.

8:30pm - Project Stand Up, by Fugee School studends
9pm - Eveolution, by Ash Nair
9:30pm - Bodies for Sale, by Mahi Ramakrishnan
[10:15pm - Special feature Greg Constantine]
10:30pm - Adam Lewis music videos + story
11pm - live music set by Adam Lewis, Psytrus, Armon, Pip

What we take away from art is often reflective of our own personal experiences and emotions. Yet how often to we watch films or hear music, to only wish we knew the story, motivation, and meaning behind them?

'Everybody is a genius. But if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing that it is stupid.’

We all have genius within us. Yet knowing you have a genius within doesn't make storyboarding any smoother, picking up a guitar or a paintbrush any easier. On the contrary, if we believe that "art" is for "artists" only, we live only as an observer and dreamer.

Unleashing Your Genius was borne out of the belief and principle that sharing your voice, your light, your genius with the world not only allows you to express your creative self and unleash your message to the world, but also gives permission for others to do the same.

An offshoot from the monthly Music + Poetry / Open mic + performance nights, join us for this extra special reel of creative inspiration, for soulful conversations with old and new friends over drinks, and for a night that’ll inspire you to unleash your own genius. Bring friends, or come alone and meet a new crowd to mingle with!

Read below to learn about the 4 different short films + Live Music:


1) PROJECT STAND UP, by 10 refugee students at Fugee School from Somali, Libya, & Yemen

Ten secondary school students (2 girls and 8 boys) in Malaysia- from Somalia, Libya, and Yemen- learn about gender equality in school and about their female classmates experience of being told she cannot teach football, because she is a girl. Having recognized that there are few women leaders, role models, or football coaches in their community, the students decided they wanted to find a way to help educate others, particularly boys and men, to stand-up to make change to allow for more opportunities for girls and women.

In this short film, the class sets out to make a video to raise awareness about how words create and enforce gender-norms and inequality. To highlight this, the students interview younger students, older community members, and share their personal thoughts on what they have learned.

2) EVEOLUTION, by Ash Nair

Ash is an award-winning film director, actor and singer-songwriter based out of KL. A NIDA (Australia) graduate, he is best known for his creative work in commercials, music and his hit British-American television series 'INDIAN SUMMERS' which plays on Channel 4 in the UK and PBS in USA. In 2011, Ash founded Digital Skin, an ideation company to create original cutting-edge and transformational content.

As for his film, you’ll have to come Thursday night to find out what the freshly completed short film Eveolution is all about ;)

3) BODIES FOR SALE, by Mahi Ramakrishnan

This 23-min documentary looks at the violence and abuse unleashed against the Rohingya refugees by traffickers as they flee Burma to Malaysia. This is done in a verite style, with little influence from the director. There is no narration but compelling footages are used to convey the horrifying reality of the world of trafficking. The film is raw in that it's honest about the ground reality and the filmmaker has not censored herself in the approach used to tell the story. The film was officially selected at the 15th Dhaka International Film Festival.

Mahi Ramakrishnan is an investigative journalist and filmmaker, with 21 years experience in the media industry. She has worked in both print and broadcast media such as the Associated Press, Time magazine, USA Today, Al Jazeera, BBC, Voice of America and National Geographic. She started making investigative films 6 years ago, working on issues such as trafficking, child sex trade, migrant workers and refugees. Filmmaking remains her passion as she uses her documentaries and clever storytelling techniques to create awareness, organize communities, lobby parliamentarians, heads of states, government bodies and non-governmental organizations to act on pressing issues. Also an activist, Mahi has worked closely with the Rohingya community over 11 years. She is currently engaged in creating a sustainable livelihood project for the Rohingya refugee women. Her aim is not just to make these women financially independent or empowered but also to create entrepreneurs from the refugee community. Mahi lives in Kuala Lumpur with her partner and two children.

4) Music Videos by Adam Lewis:

"Chapter 1 : a cliche that is never addressed"
"Chapter 2: what addiction, depression and struggle looks like from the outside"

Adam Lewis performed on stage last Monday, Feb 13th at Unleashing Your Genius: Music + Poetry night, on stage playing bass and cajon. He humbly describes himself as “a walking contradiction of expression and randomness, fickle thoughts and precise choices. An aspiring movie maker and random human that just wants to share expression.”

5) Live Music by Adam Lewis (bass & percussionist, Video Producer), Psytrus (producer & singer-songwriter), Armon (rapper & songwriter), Pip (producer & percussionist)

Welcoming back on stage is the third featured act from Feb 13’s UYG Music & Poetry’s night.

From Armon on writing about serious subject matters: “I believes any meaningful story should be delivered sincerely. But thoughtfully, one needs to know why you are conveying the story to another through music, art, poetry or dance. If you are there to just tell your story, yeah sure, others will listen to it at that point and forget about it and move on. But if you are telling your stories to reach out to another, give them an example, warn them, awake an emotion in them, or to give them a complete different perspective on a topic, now your story becomes very meaningful and impactful. That is what I think of when I write songs, cos I want it to sincerely reach out to people, to mean something to them. No matter big or small.”


Fantastic line up, raw topics, beautiful expressions of art and beliefs. Hope you can join us!

Please be on time as we have quite a night!


There is no food provided at Gaslight, so please have your dinner beforehand. Plenty of food options around Gaslight in Bukit Damensara, including my personal favorite - Raisin the Roof, open til 9pm. They’ve kindly given this night’s guests 10% off if you give them the code “GENIUS” for their coffee/tea or delicious vegan/vegetarian dinner and desserts!


“Dawn of a New Sky: A Collection of Refugee Stories” - These stories are by refugee students who currently live in KL but hail from Somalia, Afghanistan, Burma, Iran, Syria, etc and attend Fugee School, Achievers Academy (Pandawas), and Alliance of the Chin Refugees. The book presents their stories from their voice, mostly about their dangerous journeys into Malaysia, beginning a new life of hope, safety, and the freedom and rights they were denied back in their homeland.

You will be able to purchase the book at the event. You can read more atwww.igg.me/at/storiesfrom, and pre-purchase at www.storiesfrom.io. Proceeds from the night will go towards Achievers Academy, an amazing school and community center close to our hearts, but faces near immediate closure.


Fugee Schools’ IGCSE Exam Entry Fees for 10 refugee students in Kuala Lumpur

The Fugee School is a not-for-profit initiative that provides primary and secondary education to refugee and asylum seeking children and youth living in Kuala Lumpur. At Fugee School we believe every student can realise their full potential and value by equipping them with the right academic, creative, and life skills in an environment free from discrimination and exclusion.
Part of this exclusion is a lack of access to internationally recognized qualifications that would legitimise the effort and progress the students have made. Having no formal recognition of academic achievement creates a significant obstacle in accessing tertiary education both in Malaysia and after resettlement in a third country. The Fugee School IGCSE Programme therefore seeks to equip students who have the ambition for further study with the Cambridge International Examinations IGCSE certificate to make them more competitive in higher education selection processes.

The overall aim of the IGCSE programme at the Fugee School is to provide an opportunity for refugee students to gain an international qualification to aid them in their applications for further studies or employment in Malaysia or another country after resettlement.

More here on past fundraising for the students’ first exam, to be taken in May: https://simplygiving.com/Event/b2a14b92-313a-473f-ba10-b1796359bd3d#thanks

PROJECT STAND UP, by 10 refugee students at Fugee School from Somali, Libya, & Yemen


BODIES FOR SALE, by Mahi Ramakrishnan

Music Videos by Adam Lewis

Live Music by Adam Lewis (bass & percussionist, Video Producer), Psytrus (producer & singer-songwriter), Armon (rapper & songwriter), Pip (producer & percussionist)


“Dawn of a New Sky: A Collection of Refugee Stories”

Thu Feb 23, 2017
8:00 PM - 11:30 PM MYT
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